Object Scores explored how sound could mediate people's relationships with each other and with the physical environment of the installation. The piece was developed in response to working with older people living in a continuing care ward in a hospital in Glasgow during a residency with Art in Hospital.

The space is silent when Object Scores is encountered for the first time. As a person enters the gallery space they see an over-sized wooden table structure in the centre of the gallery. Two acoustic boxes are mounted on the gallery walls perpendicular to the table structure. A taut piano wire is pulled through a veneer membrane on the front of each box and attached to the table structure, pulled through two elongated holes in the tabletop surface.

As people move towards the table and move their hands around the piano wires a sinewave is triggered which is amplified through a speaker in each of the two acoustic boxes. People's hand movements around the wires effects the volume and frequency of each sinewave and the sound of the piano wire vibrating against the tabletop surface can be heard in the space, overlaying a more analogue texture of sound on top of the sinewave. The wires may also be touched and 'played' encouraging free-form improvisation as people explore the sonic range of the installation using hand gestures or simply by holding their hand in one position in relation to the wire or wires.

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Alongside the installation, selected material from the residency with Art in Hospital was also exhibited. I wanted to widen the frame of reference for visitors to the exhibition towards activities that had informed the installation. This included photographic work made by participants; video footage of a session with a participant, the choreographer and a group of 'sound objects' I had made; alongside some word drawings made by myself during the residency.

In addition, a publication outlining the approach and processes undertaken throughout the residency was published by Art in Hospital. This took the form of an edited email conversation in book form between myself and Penny Rae, an independent mentor for the project. The publication was available for free throughout the exhibition. ISBN 0-9554440-1-2.

During the exhibition musicians from Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Nick Fells and Neil Davidson improvised with the piece.

Singer, Hanna Tuulikki also improvised a "duet" with the table.

Object Scores

interactive sound installation


solo exhibition Tramway's Project Room, March 2007. Developed during a Partners Residency with Art in Hospital, 2006. A publication "Object Scores" was published by Art in Hospital to coincide with the exhibition.