I undertook a short research residency at St. Finbarr's Hospital in Cork working with residents of the Elderly Medicine Ward at the hospital over several weeks between 2005 and 2006. I worked with a small number of women to make sound recordings of people's voices and from objects found around the ward. In response to this experience I made some simple prototype interactive objects which could trigger the sound clips people had made.

One set of objects included a light sensor interfaced with Pure Data. As people moved their hand above the sensor concealed within an object they could "scrub" through and speed up and slow down the sound samples which were held on a computer.

Another device used a capacitive sensor using Smart-its wireless sensor technology. This was interfaced with LiSa software. When people touched a copper wire they could control the playback of the sounds they had made.


a participative project working with older people living in hospital.


A residency at St. Finbarr's Hospital & Triskel, Cork, Ireland during Cork European City of Culture 2005.

With special thanks to Charlotte Donovan.