Informed by Thomas Edison's wax cylinder phonograph, and using smart phone technologies, Table Phonograph transforms the textures of our everyday environment, such as the surfaces of household furniture, into an intimate sonic landscape. This encourages us to engage with and listen to our personal habitats in a way that opens our awareness to their otherwise hidden characteristics.

This iteration of Table Phonograph is a new commission, developed from an original prototype made with support from an Alt-w Research & Development Award.

Table Phonograph runs on Android phones and is available for free via the Android Market.

Requires an Android 2.3 or higher device, with camera, auto-focus, sound and recommended 1Ghz processor. For best results use headphones. If your phone is not compatible, you may have problems downloading the App or with functionality once the App has been installed.



Table Phonograph

interactive sound work,
Android phone and App


group exhibition, "Alt-w Shortcuts", Travelling Gallery and
New Media Scotland.

new commission

With thanks to
New Media Scotland
The Travelling Gallery
IonRay Studios